Our team

Annemieke van Elst

Jumped in at the deep end in 1998 as one of the first freelance personal assistants and gained versatile experience that contributes to the perfect execution of each assignment. With my commitment, energy, flexibility and empathy, I relieve you of your worries as CEO, supervisory director, director and major shareholder or (project)director. Your female business card managing all your business 24/7 up to the last detail.

Specific experience
Supporting CEOs, director and major shareholders, (paid) supervisory directors and (project) directors. I feel like a fish in water setting up and shaping project organizations and organising (international) events and working visits. I am experienced in recruiting and selecting office professionals at higher vocational level and establishing the perfect match between you and my candidate.

  • Recruitment and selection
  • PA, supervisory directorships
  • Setting up and shaping project organizations

Angeli Spierenburg

Get  it  right  the  first  time  and  have  fun  in  what  you’re  doing;  those  are  my  main  professional  drivers.  I perform  best  in  a  demanding  professional  environment,  working  for  an  Executive  Board  (member)  who  expects  that  a  PA to  be  intrinsically  interested  in  the  daily  routine,  thus  using  my  qualities  to  the utmost.  I  communicate  directly,  however,  with  the  necessary  empathy  and  flair.

Specific  experience 

Board  support  to  the  executive  board,  supervisory  board,  supervisory  directors  and  the  corporate secretary  of  listed  companies,  taking  minutes  of  executive  board  meetings  (English)  and  general shareholders’ meetings.  As  an  assistant  to  the  Executive  Board  of  listed  companies  I  have  been  involved in  several  acquisition  processes,  including  high-level  contacts.  Most  interesting  processes  where discretion  is  key and  the  workload  is  high.

  • Support to executive board, supervisory board and corporate secretary
  • HR
  • Taking minutes at general shareholders’ meetings of listed organizations

Sandra Hassing

In my view, a full-fledged supporter is that you manage chaos and manage things in the right direction. Switch quickly and do not turn your hand around. It is expected that the current traditional activities of the sponsor (such as a PA, MA, office manager) will disappear in the coming years. As a result of the increasing digitization, a large part of the (administrative) work can be done by the management at the touch of a button. Methods such as Scrum have proven that the management will start meeting less, tasks such as agenda management can decrease. Re-evaluation of the current position of the office manager is therefore essential! They will focus more on the substantive (project) support. This includes tasks such as monitoring deadlines, follow-up of actions, alerts, etc. with the aim of making an (advisory) contribution to the efficiency of management. Collection / retrieval / retrieval of information, preparation of reports / presentations and responding to specific questions from management will become part of the package of duties. The current collaboration with management will change, from receiving orders to taking proactive tasks. The supporter becomes a forward / co-thinker (has one word enough) and takes management off work.

Specific experience 
One-to-one support to Executive Board, Executive Board, CEOs and (project) directors. Started HBO Office Management in September 2018 to gain even more knowledge and insights into the company. I have a penchant for interesting projects.


  • 1-on-1 support board of directors, CEO
  • Sparring partner
  • Project support

Kiek Hoogendoorn

Professional support of the management is a profession and my passion. I bring my many years’ experience as PA into action as consultant and coach. The various needs in supporting the management and the collaboration with the assistants, I help to optimize. Each successful and professional organization relies on excellent office management. Invest in management support, economising is penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Specific experience
As fully fletched partner in business I guide and advise companies in change projects with reorganization, restructuring and/or optimizing the office management, back office or (management) secretariat. I also assist in the implementation of the advice and coach the involved assistants, team leader and/or management in the area of personal leadership and efficacy with the aim of creating a professionally functioning team with added value for the organization.

  • Coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Interim Management

Jannie Oosterhoff

“Knowledge is power, sharing knowledge is strength.” This is how I like to work in a professional way.
I like to facilitate the management, Executive Board or Supervisory Board in the best possible way by taking responsibility for their strategical or tactical needs. By optimizing secretarial processes and coaching secretarial office employees I assist in raising the level of the secretarial office. Thanks to many years of experience in organizing various events, both in the Netherlands and abroad and in various sizes and compositions, I love to organize all kinds of business events.
I take decisive action when arranging for adequate temporary secretarial support or substitutes.

Specific experience
Many years of experience on executive level with various organizations have made me an excellent consultation partner as an Executive Assistant. With an extensive network I can be a connector, both within and between organizations.

  • Personal Assistant RvB/RvC
  • Interim Executive secretary
  • Process optimalisation

Cindy Smid

With my company Bureau Structuur (Office Structure) I support successful entrepreneurs in the function of Personal Assistant. From there, I work for commercial result-oriented entrepreneurs and companies that work with passion, vision and courage and are open to improvement. I love dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s regarding the structure of an organization and to think along and specially to think ahead. Practical support with a personal touch. I do this with great pleasure! I originate from an entrepreneurial family so working hard is not strange to me. By working according to the principle ‘treat the other how you want to be treated’, I only have nice clients. My background is in the entertainment industry (record company) and the financial world (real estate and stock exchange). Currently I am working in education by supporting a director of 9 public primary schools. A dream assignment in both operational and substantive respect.

Specific experience

The work I do suits me so well because it makes me happy when the person for whom I work can focus completely on his or her discipline. I am at my best in a situation where the frameworks are outlined, but the details are still open. Filling in the details is my specialty. I do this by decisively and energetically analysing the current work processes before taking immediate action. No lengthy analysis but direct practical and sustainable results. What does distinct me is that I also own the Familie van i (Family van i). This is a company that acts as an intermediary for content and online marketing trainers.

To learn, to be inspired and to guarantee continuity, I put a lot of time and care into my professional network. Working together and thus bundling assignments are self-evident to me. Hence the logical step to join Q-network as a 6th partner.

  • Personal Assistant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Intermediary